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18 months before
Publish your engagement in the local newspaper
Confirm the wedding date
Book the wedding ceremony with the church or ministry
Start preparation to obtain your wedding licenses
Discuss your available budget with your family
Call our team to be advised regarding availability and services

12 months before

Choose your best man, your maid of honor and the bridesmaids
Decide the size and the style of the bridal party
8 months before
Prepare the guest list by compiling a list of names
Call us to confirm the wedding date and the number of guests
Start hair and body treatments
Book your wedding dress and bridal party attire

6 months before
Book the photographer and the cameraman
Choose your florist and decide the number of centerpieces
Start planning your honeymoon
Check your passports
Reserve DJ or live orchestra if you will need at the ceremony
Order your invitations

4 months before
Arrange the wedding dress fittings
Order the wedding cake
Buy your shoes, jewelery and accessories

3 months before
Order and purchase your wedding rings
Book the wedding cars

1.5 month before
Send all the invitations
Buy the presents for the best man and the best woman
Visit your make up artist
Purchase favors to give your guests as a memento for that day

1 month before
Last fittings for the wedding dress
Finalize your hair style
Give the bridesmaids their dresses
Book your tickets for the honeymoon
Plan your bachelor party and hens night
Make sure that you have all legal papers required

2 weeks before
Send us your sitting arrangement
Inform the DJ or the live band of your music preference
Finalize your decorations in coordination with the florist and our team

1 week before
Enjoy your bachelor party and hen’s night
Take your wedding dress and bridal attire home

1 day before
Finish with any hair and body treatments
Give the wedding rings to the best man
Give the wedding licenses and anything you may need for the church or
ministry to a person from your family