Carob Mill Restaurants nominated for Eating Awards 2020

We are very proud to announce that once again Carob Mill Restaurants is nominated for the Cyprus Eating Awards 2020 by Check In Cyprus with our restaurants

  • Artima Bisto
  • Draught Microbrewery
  • Karatello Tavern

How to vote:

Send SMS at 5588 (€1.02 fee)
For Artima EA42(space)YourFullName(space)16
For Draught EA124(space)YourFullName(space)16
For Karatello EA71(space)YourFullName(space)16

By Calling
(€1.02 fixed line / €1.10 mobile)
For Artima call 90031384
For Draught call 90031392
For Karatello call 90031387
(Correct answer to the question is 16 years)

Online Voting
Follow the link:
(Correct answer to the question is 16 years)

Important note:
If you wish to vote online, you can only vote from your home through Wi-Fi or 4G.

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