Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

  1. Introduction

Welcome to the Carobmill Flavours Club application (the “App”). This App is published by or on behalf of Carob Mill Restaurants (“We” or “CMR”) a company registered in Cyprus whose registered office is situated at Vasilissis Street, 3052, Limassol, Cyprus. By downloading or otherwise accessing the App you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms”). Should you have any queries about the App or the present Terms you can contact CMR by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling at +357 25820430. If you do not agree with the present Terms you have the option of uninstalling the App.

  1. Access of Application

Access to the App is free. The App can be installed on more than one smartphone. By downloading and accessing the App you unconditionally agree to the Terms and to our Privacy Policy; please read both carefully.

  1. Nature of Application

The App behaves similarly to a reward card for purchases in Carob Mill Restaurants by using at all times an internet connection. By installing the App into your smartphones you can receive cashback by scanning the QR code on your receipt. In order to be able to receive cashback awards, you must scan the QR code found on your receipt at all times. A prerequisite for the usage of the App is that your smartphone is duly connected to an Internet connection otherwise you will not be able to use the App at the time to receive cashback awards. The App is valid only at Carob Mill Restaurants. CMR contains the right of rejecting the downloading/installation or staying the use of Flavours Club, terminating or amending the benefits program of Flavours Club at any time and provide appropriate notification to the holders/users. The holders/users of Flavours Club will earn 5% (five per cent) on the total amount of the purchase in on receipt (valid of a maximum purchase amount of 400€) and the reward amount will be entered into the digital wallet of the holder. Reward amounts will be entered the next day after each visit. There is no minimum redemption amount of reward. The minimum limit can be changed at any time by CMR. Flavours Club can be used in all Carob Mill Restaurants in Cyprus which participate at this customer benefits program of CMR.

  1. Age limit

For a customer to be able to participate to the benefits program of Flavours Club he/she must be 18 years and older.

  1. Usage of App

Your Flavours Club App cannot be used as credit card or a cheque guarantee card.

  1. Redemption of Reward Amounts

To redeem reward amounts the account number of Flavours Club App must be provided to the waiter before the issue of the bill. Please note the payment for purchase can be carried out partly in cash and partly by redeeming reward amount.

  1. Transfer of Reward Amounts

The transfer or conveyance reward amount between accounts of the App is not permitted.

  1. Reward Amounts

The reward amounts of the App cannot be exchanged for cash or by giving/returning change. The reward amounts will be valid only for a specific period time from the date of issue.

  1. Deletion of Reward Amounts

CMR reserves the right to delist/delete the reward amount to each Flavours Club account that is not active for at least 12 (twelve) months.

  1. Process of Personal Information

Holders/Users of Flavours Club App will need to provide personal or other information in application forms or to any other form of communication with CMR and whenever the account number of the App is used or whenever any data of the transactions and usage of Flavours Club are provided, the details of the transaction will be recorded in records. All this information can be used by CMR and/or their employees and/or representatives thereof when necessary for the operation of the benefits program Flavours Club in order to redeem reward amounts which have been collected or concentrated on Flavours Club App or to prevent abuse of the benefits program. Information on specific products or services which will be bought by the holder/user from CMR will be managed by CMR when necessary for the operation of the benefits program Flavours Club. Carob Mill Restaurants of which the App will be used to collect the reward amount and return money or redeem transaction, may use information about the specific products or services purchased to notify the holder/user of Flavours Club on offers or to update the data record in which the holder/user of Flavours Club is already registered following his/her consent. Any data related to specific products or services (for example, the total refund collected each month from your purchases) can be processed and analyzed by CMR, as to where and how you use the App and may be registered in the records of CMR for processing and in order to ensure a better trading relationship with you. In this way, the holder/user will be informed from time to time and in the sole discretion of CMR for conditional offers. For a full explanation on which data will be collected and how they will be utilized please read carefully our Privacy Policy; by accepting the Terms you also fully accept the Privacy Policy.

  1. Compatibility

The App is designed to be compatible with the specified version of the mobile operating systems Android 6.0, iOS 9.3.1 and Windows Universal 8.1 and upper.

  1. General Rules Relating to Conduct

The App is made available for your own, personal use. The App must not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever or for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. When you use the App you must comply with all applicable Cyprus laws and with any applicable international/European laws (together referred to as “Applicable Laws”). By using the App you agree that you will fully comply with all Applicable Laws as well as these Terms. Specifically, but without limitation and prejudice to the rights of CMR you agree not to (a) use the App in any unlawfully manner or in any way which promotes illegal activity including (without limitation) copyright infringement; or (b) attempt to access without authorization the App or any networks, servers or computer systems connected to the App; or (c) adapt, translate, modify, tamper, infringe, any part of the App or the pages comprising the App; (d) translate the App into other languages, or make derivative versions. By installing the App you agree to indemnify CMR in full and on demand from and against any loss, damage, costs or expenses which they suffer or incur directly or indirectly as a result of your use of the App otherwise than in accordance with these Terms or Applicable Laws. CMR reserves the right of disabling your account or your access to the App in case of abuse of the App.

  1. Content

The App and all the trademarks, signs, logos, service marks and other intellectual property (“Trademarks”) related to it are the sole property of CMR. The copyright in all material contained on, in or available through the App including all information, data, text, music, sound, photographs, graphics and video messages, the selection and arrangement thereof, and all source code software compilations and other material (“Material”) is owned by or licensed to CMR. All rights reserved. By installing the App you agree that you will not otherwise copy, edit, vary, reproduce, publish, display, distribute, store, transmit, commercially exploit, disseminate in any form whatsoever or use the Material and the Trademarks without CMR’s express permission or relevant third party partner of CMR.

  1. Link to Third Parties

The App may contain links to websites operated by third parties (“Third Party Websites”). CMR does not have any influence or control over any such Third Party Websites unless expressly stated and, unless otherwise stated, is not responsible for and does not endorse any Third Party Websites or their availability or contents.

  1. Requested Information

For you to be able to use the App through your smartphone you will need to provide CMR with your personal information such as your email address. By installing the App and inserting your information you will have the opportunity of viewing your awards, spend transactions, balance and receive notifications as you agree from time to time. In order to be able to install the App to your smartphone you will need to have/insert a valid email address and a password.

  1. CMR Privacy Policy

CMR will only use your personal information in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy. By using the App you acknowledge and agree that you have read and accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.

  1. Suspension

CMR fully reserves the right to suspend or cease providing any services relating to the apps published by it, and shall provide a reasonable notice for such cease.

  1. Advertisers in the App

We accept no responsibility for adverts contained within the App nor are we affiliated with adverts. If you agree to purchase goods and/or services from any third party who advertises in the App, you do so at your own risk; if you have any queries or complaints in relation to them, please contact the advertiser directly.

  1. General

These Terms (as amended from time to time) constitute the entire agreement between you and CMR concerning your use of the App. Any decision of CMR concerning the operation of the Benefits program Flavours Club and/or the App and the interpretation of the present terms and conditions shall be final and binding on all holders/users of Flavours Club. CMR may cancel, revoke or modify the Benefits program and Flavours Club and/or the App and these Terms and Conditions or any account of the App and give proper notice to the holders/users. CMR reserves the right to proceed with any action or measure deems appropriate, if it considers that there is suspicion of abuse of the Benefits program or Flavours Club and/or the App and/or any account of the App or the related promotions and offers.

  1. Modifications of Data and Contact

In the case which you wish to correct or modify the data on the records of CMR or cancel Flavours Club membership and delete data from the records of CMR you can do so by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling at +357 25820430.


Last revised: 01 November 2019